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UX Is Overrated

It’s the value that matters.

As a person who has been doing so called “UX” for about 22 years now I’m going to pop that bubble for you today. Again.

There’s the notion, that UX is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the product.

But it’s really not.

Value is the most important part of the product.

So what is UX?

It’s simply the friction that appears where you want to get to the value. The better the UX, the lower the friction. But it doesn’t depreciate the value, only the road to it.

When the value is mindblowing good, people will jump through flaming hoops of bad UX to get there.

UX Is Overrated

Focus on the value first. Then polish the experience.

Don’t do UX just because the UX people used some jargon to tell you about empathy maps and customer journeys. Every customer has a journey to reach value.

Every. Single. Time.

Also — Product Market Fit research is not the job of an UX designer. Market researchers existed well before someone put the X in eXperience.

Do you agree?

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