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Frequently Asked Questions


Can’t see ANY of my courses

Make sure that you used the EXACT same email for your purchase as the one you’ve logged in with at

We auto-authenticate and 90% of issues come from a different email or a typo in the address.

Can’t see some of my courses

If you can see some courses but can’t see others here’s what to do:
First, check whether on your account they are all there. If they’re not, it means that you may have purchased some courses using a different email address. In that case just email and tell them to merge your accounts.

If all your courses ARE in your gumroad account, yet you don’t see them all in your courses tab, do this:

Make sure you’re logged in.
Then go to the Books & Courses tab, click on See All. Find the course you don’t see in the library and go to its dedicated page. If the button says “start the course” it means it works ok.
If it asks you to purchase, and you’re sure all is OK with your gumroad email, contact us.

Video unavailable

If you keep seeing Video Unavailable for one or many of the courses, try restarting your computer, refreshing your browser or disabling/enabling a VPN.

Alternatively you can try a different browser to see if the problem persists.


I lost my streak

If you lost your streak because the website was unavailable, it likely means your internet provider had an outage on some of the connections to the outside world.

If our servers encounter an issue, we’ll notify everyone and help them reset their lost streak. In all other cases there is nothing we can do.

However, just continue with the challenge, as even without the badges, at the end of it you’re going to be a MUCH better designer.

I accidentaly upload the wrong thing

If you uploaded a different design for a challenge, don’t worry. Just add the right design again as part of your portfolio and clearly label it as the challenge number you uploaded wrong.

If you complete the 90 day streak, we’ll allow one or two challenges to be taken from the portfolio. Don’t go above two though!

A good designer should be PRECISE and thorough. Don’t just click through stuff as quickly as possible. Make CONSCIOUS effort here and you won’t have this issue.


I want to remove my account

We are working on an automatic feature, but for now just email with the “REMOVE MY ACCOUNT” in the title.

No questions asked, we will remove the account as soon as we can.