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Video Online Course

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Learn with Michal Malewicz

Boring UI Course

Learn the UI design fundamentals by creating a consistent, beautiful design component library of your own.

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Course outline

3:17 min

1. Introduction

Why it’s good that most of UI design is boring.

14:42 min

2. Grid, Colors, Type

It all starts with setting up the colors, grid and picking fonts.

45:44 min


3. All you need to know about making buttons and more.

51:13 min

4. Textfields

Build inputs, dropdowns, multi-select boxes, calendars…

56:00 min

5. Small stuff

Radios, Checkboxes, Sliders, Toggles, Tags and more.

25:07 min

6. List items

Lists are a very popular design pattern. Let’s explore them!

14:56 min

7. Cards

Greatly reusable components for multiple purposes.

23:21 min

8. Tabs and Navs

Universal mobile navigation patterns starting point.

23:18 min

9. Detail Pages

Showcase a service or a product in a reusable way.

24:16 min

10. Hierarchy

Learn how to define hierarchy in early stages of design.

29:44 min

11. Present like a pro!

Show your design library and components in a beautiful way.

Bonus Materials

7:17 min

Components - Figma

The complete basics of using Components in Figma.

9:42 min

Symbols - Sketch

The complete basics of using Symbols in Sketch.

6:56 min

Hierarchy Strips

How to design with this unique annotation method.

22:08 min

Figma Basics

Complete basics of Figma - start here if you’re new!

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What will you learn after the course?

After the course you’ll have a good understanding of the fundamental elements of UI design and UI components.


Hierarchy Strips

Learn this unique method that shows you understand the design decisions behind your projects and know how to guide the user to the desired action.


Red Square Method

We will be using the Red Square Method to learn alignment by hand - it’s really important to train your eye first before you jump into auto-layouting tools.


Fonts, colors, spacings

How many fonts to pick? How to choose the right colors? How to space it all out? All of these questions and more are answered within the course with direct examples.


It all starts with a grid

I’ll show you which grid works the best for most UI design and why. Then we’ll apply that grid to all of our elements for maximum design consistency and an easy way to expand it.


And more

We’ll explore the basics of Components (Figma) and Symbols (Sketch), how to annotate a design for developers and for your portfolio, beautiful presentation and more!

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