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Video Online Course

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Learn with Michal Malewicz

How to master freelancing

Learn how to price your work, get clients and improve your chances.

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Course outline

9:36 min


All you need to know about freelancing explained in 8 points that we will dive into in more detail in next segments.

8:27 min

Get more clients

How to get more clients while freelancing solo, including the gig economy, being proactive and a lot more.

What will you learn after the course?

The course will provide you with helpful & practical information that will bost your UI skills


Getting clients

Getting clients is the most essential skill a freelancer needs to have in order to survive. Based on our years in both regular freelancing and gig economy I share the best practices.


Setting your rates

Is this too high? Is this too low? Learn the best practices of finding a rate that’s just right. It will help you both be happy with what you earn and not discourage clients.


Legal side of things

Freelancing often means being a solo entrepreneur. There are some legal things you need to take care of to avoid having trouble with the tax office.


Fine-tuning your offer

Should you do design? Design and coding? Find what your offer should be about to maximise your results, get happy clients and grow your business.


Your portfolio

Showing great previous work is crucial to getting new clients interested in what you do. Learn our best practices, tips, tricks and more to make your portfolio shine.

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