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Behind The Square #4

A monthly summary of behind the scenes at Square Planet

Welcome everyone! To another episode of Behind The Square! A monthly summary of what’s been happening, what’s planned and what are the newest features at

So buckle up, have your favorite drink/meal ready, and let’s jump in!

PRO Series


This week we launched a special PRO series, you can find it under the Learn tab → Scroll down → PRO UI Guide

In this series, Michal will be designing some of the most common designs like a Login form or an e-commerce check-out, and teaching you how to do alignment, spacings, optical alignment, and much more.

And who knows later on maybe not just Michal This series is included in our PRO/ULTIMATE plans.

pro ui guide

We hope to do this on a weekly basis, but I don’t want to promise anything since we have our hands very busy now.

Spline challenge


A very brief mention of our ongoing Spline challenge, it’s nearing to an end in 20–25 days ish, but I don’t remember the exact end date frankly. But you guys have been nothing short of awesome.

There have been many many many great submissions, I and the team love them! Don’t forget to fill in your Twitter link under your profile so we can tag you on our Twitter.

The little things

The growth


As always I have to mention the numbers! The growth and quality of the work there is steadily going up and it makes our day each time we look at the platform.


And of course, I can’t leave out comments, we crossed 8,000 comments on the platform on your projects!


A month away

There’s very little to say here, all I can do is tease you guys. Our team is very busy with the next big thing, which we hope you’ll like as much as we do working on it.

Maybe a tiny tease?


That’s it for today!

As always there are more things under the covers, but we will keep them secret for now. I hope you enjoyed the episode and as always have a beautiful day!

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