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Behind The Square #3

A monthly summary of behind the scenes at Square Planet

Welcome everyone! To another episode of Behind The Square! A monthly summary of what’s been happening, what’s planned and what are the newest features at Square Planet.

So buckle up, have your favorite drink/meal ready, and let’s jump in!

Notifications and comments


The day has finally come and our wonderful devs released a notification system to the platform with comments too!

notifs UI

We are still tweaking the design of this, we’re close to being out of Beta but not yet. So the design will most likely change in the future. For now, you can find the notifications under your profile picture.

So now you can see who followed, liked, commented, or left feedback on your project, so you won’t miss any.

Comments UI

Switch/Pause challenges

I kind of forgot about this in a previous episode, but we’ve introduced a way to switch/pause your challenge and go to the next one if you’d like.

This takes a bit of the pressure off the streak


Spline challenge

Yes, you read that right, soon we will release a guided Spline challenge, if you’re a PRO you will get access to a video guide. This will be a first-ever challenge with videos guiding you through.


I’m saying soon since there’s little more to this. We want you to all be sort of finished with your challenges since we are partnering up with Spline for this challenge!

They were kind enough to offer 3 (three) 1-year Super subscriptions, worth $864!
So the TOP 3 people in this challenge with their best designs, will win a very nice one-year sub each for Spline.

You can check out the subscription benefits here.

We will soon release more info about this and how the illustrations will be judged.

The little things

There’s a lot of you!

We’ve hit 60,000! designs on the platform and over 14,600 designers!
From the whole team, I’d like to express our gratitude, you’re AWESOME.



And of course, I can’t leave out comments, we crossed 6,100 comments on the platform on your projects!

PS: Yes we’re aware of the writing here, working on that

6k comm

Big things are coming

With the growth of the platform and your support, we have some BIG changes coming up. And no it’s not a challenge or some new feature, something BIGGER!

Obviously, I like to tease so I can’t really say what they are, but they’re big and exciting! I can’t wait to share more with you, hopefully soon.

That’s it for today!

As always there are more things under the covers, but we will keep them secret for now. I hope you enjoyed the episode and as always have a beautiful day!

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