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Behind The Square #2

A monthly summary of behind the scenes at Hype4 Academy

Welcome everyone! To another episode of Behind The Square! A monthly summary of what’s been happening, what’s planned and what are the newest features at The Academy.

So buckle up, have your favorite drink/meal ready, and let’s jump in!

Followers & List

Followers & List

Remember the following feature we introduced in the first episode? So our devs improved it! Now you can see how many followers you have! And there’s more.

Followers List 2

If you click on the followers, you will be able to see who follows you, and follow them back!

Once you follow someone the design will show in the “For You” tab we’ve covered in the previous episode.

Don’t worry I follow all of you it just doesn’t show when you’re logged out.

App Icon Challenge

app icons

With the IA challenge coming to an end, for some, it’s time for a new challenge for EVERYONE!

Find your creative nerve and craft your own versions of famous apps, logos, and products for 30 days. You will be tasked to redesign the logos, but of course with a little twist

We’ve had a lot of fun doing these and the guides for them, so we hope you will enjoy the challenge because we absolutely did.

Image scaling

Image scaling

With the release of the IA challenge a month ago, we knew there would be a problem with image scaling. Some of the users made very pretty and long forms, including the User Flow as well. It just wasn’t possible to fit it into a 1600x1200 frame.

Image scaling  2

So our awesome devs made it possible that the image is basically never-ending . Well sort of, there are limitations to it of course.

But now the images that are for example 1920x7814, yes this is a real example, will scale nicely for you to showcase what you did.
And for us to see clearly for the comments.

The little things

The little things

Well, it’s not little at all looking at these numbers. We’ve crossed 55K design uploads and there are over 13k of us on our platform. Also if you’re curious what number do the challenges make out of the 55 996, it’s 55 025 as of now!

Thank you for each and every one of you, you guys are awesome! This really makes our day every time we look at the platform. It’s a pleasure to see you grow with us!

And as you can see, we decided to show your faces under the title, since it’s YOU all who drive us forward.


We have also crossed 4K+ comments on the designs! Growing that number day by day.

Upcoming updates


New challenge

As you might know, I like to tease people. So there’s something special coming soon. A new challenge that is completely different from the ones we’ve made so far. Maybe even video tutorials?

As always it’s our secret for now.

Another one

There might or might not be another challenge, with prizes involved, but you didn’t hear it from me. Don’t tell Michal I told you.

That’s it for today!

As always there are more things under the covers, but we will keep them secret for now. I hope you enjoyed the episode and as always have a beautiful day!

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