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The Spline Challenge

How to not be just a flat designer.

Are you tired of looking at the same boring flat designs every day? Wanted to learn 3D but didn’t have the time or you simply got discouraged by how overwhelming it is?

3D can be difficult and overwhelming, but it is a great skill to have in your arsenal.

Adding 3D to your designs can make them differ more, you can show you go beyond just the simple flat design and most importantly, it’s fun

Let’s learn Spline together!

Today we’re launching something new on our platform. Something that’s exclusive to this challenge. There are over 60,000 designs uploaded on our platform. Very few are 3D.

Let’s change that shall we?
This challenge is open to everyone, with special prizes coming from Spline.

You heard that right, we are partnering up with Spline. They were kind to offer a 3x1-year Super subscription, worth $864!

So the TOP 3 people in this challenge with their best designs, will win a very nice one-year sub each for Spline.


Of course, the use of 3D isn’t limited to just being pretty. You can enhance your website design with it, or do any kind of crazy things!

The rules

Of course, with any challenge containing prizes, there have to be rules.

Rule NO.1 — You must finish all 30 days of the challenge.
Rule NO.2 — If you’re picked as a winner you must provide us with a Spline link to some/all the files, so we know you really made that design. If you fail to provide this the next person in line wins the spot.

That’s it… nothing complex really


After a 1.5-month period, we will go through all the submissions on our website and pick the TOP 10 illustrations. That will be judged based on looks, complexity, materials, and so on.

The Top 10 gets a shoutout and obviously the TOP 3 illustrations win the prizes .
Sounds fun? Let’s get in!



As I said, this challenge is special not only because of the partnership but also because it is the first-ever challenge where we provide video guides.

If you’re a PRO member, you will have access to videos made by Adam, where he will guide you and teach you the principles of the app. So you won’t be lost.

More than one way!

We’d like to encourage everyone to do their own thing. When Adam shows how to do something it doesn’t mean that’s the only way to do it.

On the contrary, in the 3D world, there are multiple solutions and techniques to get the same look.


We are super excited for this challenge and for the things, you guys will create! See you there!

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