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Big Mistake

And how to avoid it

How to not be dumped?

There’s one thing that puts portfolios instantly into a trash folder.

A huge red flag that’s super easy to avoid.

I’m talking about typos!

It’s a plague, with over 80% junior designer portfolios having typos in their about sections or in the case studies.

Think of it this way:

A recruiter notices typos in your work. What are they going to think?

That you’re either stupid or lazy.

Neither is what you want them to think, so fix those typos, ok!

Community Says

• tac0cat11: This is so true. Typos are one of the easiest mistakes to correct.

Michal Malewicz: Especially with auto-correct and live-spelling checks. That's why it's even worse now when they're there.

• rolands_rautmanis: Yes, these things is the first which will anyone notice... And basically you are missing the chance.

Michal Malewicz: Totally! It just shows that the designer is lazy.

• And no matter how many times you checked, there is always one typo somewhere

Michal Malewicz: Just check it daily! Make a habbit out of it :)

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