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3 Challenges, 5 Badges, 150 Days

Do you ever try to enter daily design challenges?

It has been almost a year since we started design "challenges" at our very own academy, and there are dozens who have finished them all and truly risen to the occasion.
They have shared their stories so we thought it would be great to share them with you all too.

So, for our third article let's introduce Muhammad Saeed to everyone .

Say Hi

Hi, I am Muhammad, a designer from Syria, I delight in creating things, and, I love challenges and technologies. I transition between 2D and 3D design in various fields.

The new chapter of the story begins after the 90-day challenge, with the confidence gained from it.

My Journey

Do you ever try to enter daily design challenges?
Well, I did. So I will summarize my journey

Starting from the "Daily UI Challenge" I learned so much and gained super experience in making clean UI.


Moving to the second it was the "Graphic Design Challenge" Making semi-realistic physical products using the Vector tool only, which was my favorite challenge, I learned a lot and made cool stuff.


The Last one "App Icon Challenge" Designing my view into app icons by trying different techniques, shadows, and colors was fun.


P.S. I just started the latest challenge, "3D Design Challenge" And I will share my experience after finishing it.🫡

If you have shared a similar story on your socials, DM us and we can feature your story too here till then see you in the next part!

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