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    The course was so awesome! The course materials were very well designed, and interesting to watch.

    The greatest benefits for me as a designer were that I could see how Michal works, do my own project, and receive a feedback about my project from Michal.

    Thank you very much!
    I was great to learn so many techniques and styles so fast. With the help of the final project I started to help one design studio. Really appreciate!
    I learned a lot of tricks from the course. It also helped me a lot to get the way to learn more about Mobile UI Design.
    Like the companion UI design book, this course is to the point and practical. There's enough theory to know WHY it works, but the focus is on HOW to put it into practice.
    The UI/UX world can be confusing, fast-paced, and ever-changing. Your courses simplify the process and create a structure and flow that designers (novice to expert) can follow with ease.
    I just started in my new product design role and one of the key techniques that I presented during the interviews was the red square method.

    This course is a valuable gem.

    I learned so many valuable techniques and the reasoning behind each. I definitely recommend it!
    Exelent to the point. Especially that focus on grid and not auto layouts that often don’t work well.
    I needed a UI course to improve my skills. This course has helped me to understand the principles of mobile design and how to think about every design decision.

    And the BEST PART is they review your work and then only give you a certificate if you qualify which adds so much value
    As for Senior Mobile Developer this UI Course was quite interesting.

    It shows me the purpose of some implementation details. And I’m not so blind anymore and can make some discussions when getting new HF to implement 🤩
    Your zero bullshit, pretty straightforward approach to showing what makes a decent design is terrific for me.

    I'm foremost a programmer, so all the fluffy jargon makes me angry. Yours made me smile.