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Learn with Michal Malewicz

How to create a case study

Learn how to create a case study for your UI project!

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Course outline

10:44 min


This will help you create more case studies for your portfolio faster.

32:53 min

How to start + Market Research

Let's start the case study with the most important information, following a simple framework.

25:35 min

Competitive analysis + User Survey

This will show you what recruiters need to know.

23:32 min


Here's how you can create personas quickly and in style!

22:38 min

Low fidelity wireframes + Flows

How to show flow diagrams, low-fidelity wireframes and initial sketches and write an engaging story around them.

24:03 min

High Fidelity UI

A good case study starts with a high-fidelity key visual on the top, and ends with one at the bottom.

15:58 min

Prototype + Mini Usability Study

This will take a lot of work and effort comparing to other items in the course.

15:19 min

Accessibility checkup and wrap up

Create an accessibility breakdown to adhere to the WCAG contrast rules, and how the design came to be.

8:34 min

Portfolio best practices

Where to host your portfolio, should you send it in a PDF, tips, tricks and mistakes to avoid.

06:56 min

Hierarchy Strips

Learn the hierarchy strips method to annotate your designs like a pro

24:39 min

Contrast and fidelity boost

See your case study in a new light with more modern contrasts, fidelity boosts and ways to modify the existing elements.

48:09 min

UI Case study tips and annotations

Learn how to properly annotate your case studies with elements like color definitions, typography scales, and component definitions. Then explore how you can use hierarchy strips and a multi-step process to outline specific UI components in a design driven fashion that will surely turn some heads!

06:33 min

The most important case study tip

The most important part of any case study is about making it into a story that is engaging enough for people to follow. In this chapter I will show you how you can do it easily.

What will you learn after the course?

The course will provide you with helpful & practical information on building case studies


Starting with UI

If you already have some UI designs, you can use them to create a full UX case study. This is like putting the process on its head a little, but it allows you to have a better port


Easy to do research

Learn to do simple market research to show your grasp of the environment your product is on. Then survey your users and plan a basic usability study.


Flows and wireframes

Show how you planned the flows between the wireframes and how the product comes together as a prototype.


Competitive analysis

Look at other products in your category. Evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to show that you’re designing with a broad understanding of the market.


Creating a full, UX Case study

Combine everything together into a detailed, comprehensive, full case study with a purpose of showing clients and recruiters you understand how design works.

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