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Video Online Course

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Learn with Michal Malewicz

Don’t be

Learn how to create unique solutions to everyday problems and present them in a way that will get you noticed

Course outline

10:23 min


What we’ll cover in the course and why is it important to stand out.

21:05 min

Personal Branding

Create your online persona and be easier to spot on social media.

30:30 min


Basics of personal branding and creating your very own, unique, 3d and 2d mockups.

43:49 min

Hardware exploration

Define problems and outline solutions to an existing hardware design

31:28 min

Hardware and Software

Design a new, redefined UI for the custom hardware

13:11 min

Image preparation for articles

Learn how to prepare and annotate images for your case studies

21:26 min

Writing the case study

Step by step guide on how to plan, structure and execute a successful Medium article with your case study.

25:41 min

Hardware Exploration 2

Come up with an idea for a completely new, previously unseen device. Plan it out and then create it!

31:55 min

Operating System Explorations

Learn to find problems and solutions within existing software - how can your phone OS be made better?

30:59 min

Smart Fridge Exploration

Think about existing smart home appliances - how can they be made better? What features would be helpful and why?

27:43 min

Wearables exploration

Explore how a wearable, a smart-watch can have expanded functionality with some unique out-of-the-box thinking.

15:36 min

Learn Spatial Design

Explore spatial design ideas from initial sketches all the way to 3d mockups.

02:41 min


And that's a wrap! Use this course as a creative base and come up with your own ideas! Then write!

What will you learn after the course?

The course will help you think out of the box, outline problems and come up with creative solutions in your case studies.


Generating unique ideas

Most junior case studies look like identical copies. Learn to come up with innovative ideas and processes that are sure to impress the readers.


Personal brand

To thrive online you need a personal brand. Consistent colors choices, photos and social media presence that sets you apart from other designers.


Sketching ideas quickly

Pen and paper, or on a tablet - doesn’t matter as long as you can bring your ideas to life and show a personal and interesting look into how you solve problems.


3D design

Learn the basics of Spline and how you can use it to create your very own, custom mockups, as well as completely custom, interesting hardware of your own.


Case study writing process

I’ll guide you how to create engaging, full-length case studies for your projects with varied visuals and a structure that makes them easy to follow.

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