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Video Online Course

Michal Malewicz photo

Learn with Michal Malewicz

Designer + AI

Learn what AI is, how to use it well, what definitely NOT to use it for and what skills to focus on learning to get ready for the future of design.

Course outline

24:03 min

1. Introduction to AI

Let’s first explore what AI is, where it came from and how it connects with our specific UX design industry.

20:17 min

2. How NOT to use AI

At this point knowing what NOT to use AI for is actually more important than the opposite. Learn usecases in which AI tools currently do more harm than good

26:16 min

3. How to USE AI + Annotate it right

I believe the most important skill to learn right now regarding AI is annotating those rare use-cases in a way that makes it clear to everyone to check the AI content for legal or consistency issues.

23:04 min

4. Skills to focus on

AI is just a tool, but the skills you have next to it can help you use that tool to its full potential and thrive in the industry.

09:29 min

5. Communication

Communication will be one of the most important skills of the future. Learn to express your thoughts and ideas well!

02:13 min

6. Business side and economics

Designers should also understand the business and economic side of work they do and of the world they live in.

13:04 min

7. Learning UI

Contrary to popular belief, UI won’t be the first skill to be replaced by AI (it’ll likely be big parts of research instead). Learn UI right now to be ready for AI UI generators.

34:10 min

8. Annotating Design

Annotation is a great way to present your work to stakeholders or even your portfolio viewers. When AI will manage to eventually do some of the UI work, it will be essential to present it well to everyone. This is key!

10:28 min

9. Working with developers

Communicating with developers and ensuring the highest quality frontend execution of your design is a great way to be an important part of any business.

01:02 min

10. Summary

It’s not the end of the course - we’re just wrapping up the intro here. From now on I’ll be constantly researching new ways to use AI in UX design that make sense and update the PDF ebook with that information. It’s only the beginning!

7:22 min

Midjourney for app design

Testing the current state of AI generated UI designs with Midjourney V4.

8:15 min

Using Chat GPT and Midjourney for design

Trying to use Chat-GPT for generating colors, and midjourney for images for a mobile app design. Learn why these tools are not yet ready.

06:56 min

Hierarchy Strips

Learn even more about the hierarchy strips method and improve your presentations.

08:04 min

Testing Microsoft Designer

Why Microsoft Designer is not a real AI based design tool you should think about.

6:20 min

Adobe Firefly

This can actually be useful… for Graphics designers. It is not useful in its current state though.

What will you learn after the course?

AI is here to stay, but you need to be especially aware of things its not yet relevant for, to avoid making low quality design.

🤖 🤖

AI in design

How to use AI right now, what NOT to use it for and how to navigate the potential issues that may come from the technology. Learn how to critically approach AI content.


Skills to focus on

An outline of skills that will likely NOT be replaced by AI anytime soon and are worth focusing on right now. Ranging from presenting your work to communication.


Unique methods

Because we are both working for clients AND building an AI startup, we crafted a couple of unique methods on how to work with external AI tools well. You’ll learn them here.


Hierarchy Strips + Annotation

Learn this unique method that shows you understand the design decisions behind your projects AND how to annotate AI generated content in your design work.



This is a hybrid course with a goal to update every time something relevant to UI or UX design gets released in the AI space. It’s only the beginning phase of our exploration.

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