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Daily UI Challenge #35

by Florian

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  • Adrien's profile


    10.06.2024 22:01

    I really like this! Looks super clean and now I really want the navbar that I'm working on to look like yours

  • Florian's profile


    11.06.2024 06:32

    thx for your awesome comment :3 its nice to hear that you like the design :D

  • Florian's profile


    11.06.2024 06:33

    but the navbar is as simple at it could be :D

  • Adrien's profile


    24.06.2024 17:44

    I don't receive notifications for your reply ;_; it took so long to find it again. I like that it's very simple! Makes it very easy to stay readable while still being different from the rest of the body, but it still blends into the body. Anyway, glad to see your newer designs and all your improvement, keep going!

  • Florian's profile


    25.06.2024 07:15

    thx you too mate :)