UI Design Course 2

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High Fidelity

Learn how to bring your mobile app UI’s to another level of fidelity. In this course I’ll share all my tips, tricks and techniques to boost the visual quality of your projects.


Course outline

4:15 mins

1. Introduction

What is the course about and how we will learn together

2:54 mins

2. Accessibility vs High Fidelity

A list of most common issues many designers face

43:26 mins

3. Effects

My tips and tricks on shadows, inner-shadows and gradients

44:44 mins

4. Building blocks

Creating high-fidelity buttons, checkboxes and more

43:41 mins

5. Login & Registration

Forms and high-fidelity - best practices and examples

10:24 mins

6. Lists & Cards

Upgrade your lists and cards visually

27:26 mins

7. Navigation

Best navigation patterns but with creative visual twists

37:36 mins

8. Detail pages

Going high-fidelity on detail pages - multiple versions

20:11 mins

9. Map views

Can a map view look even better? Yes!


10. Popups & Onboarding

Exploring ways to show layered information

51:24 mins

11. Decoration

Adding the personal touch to your projects


12. Review & Accessibility

Final review and accessibility checks before submitting

What will you learn after the course?

The course will provide you with everything you need to boost your high⁠-⁠fidelity UI skills:


Beautiful App Design

You will know how to design a functional and beautiful Mobile App with a variety of screens - including a full login, registration flow, detail pages and more…


Fonts, colors, gradients

You will be able to pick the right fonts and colors for your project. I will share all my techniques for great looking gradients, color combinations and more.


Using effects

Shadows and inner-shadows are a great tool to make your designs look better - if done right! Let’s explore how to use them to our advantage!


Applying decoration

Decoration is everything that makes your product unique, and compliments all the standard, well-known UI patterns your app needs to have.


My workflow

I will share with you my entire high-fidelity workflow, including all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the course of my 20 years of Product Design experience.

+ You will get an exclusive code for all the participants: -35% off of our Designing UI book!

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