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UI in Mobile Apps

UI is becoming more and more important in the workplace. Designers that can do high-fidelity visuals are often paid more than their friends who end their work on low⁠-⁠fidelity wireframes.


Course outline

3:26 mins

1. Introduction

What is the course about and how we will learn together

6:54 mins

2. Most common problems

A list of most common issues many designers face

20:43 mins

3. Blockframing exercise

Blockframing exercise for better alignment understanding

3:44 mins

4. Constraints & Theme

Work with constraints + pick a theme for your app

50:46 mins

5. Login & Registration

Create forms for a login and registration flow

46:17 mins

6. Lists & Cards

Lists and cards are the most popular screen types in apps

30:24 mins

7. Navigation

The basic navigation types with examples and good practices

33:51 mins

8. Detail pages

Creating detail and profile pages in high fidelity

25:34 mins

9. Map views

How to add a map view to your project in a good way?

21:24 mins

10. Modals & Popups

Design friendly and usable modals for your project

7:16 mins

11. High level flow

Create the high level flow using the navigation pattern chosen

2:45 mins

12. Review & Accessibility

Final review and accessibility checks before submitting

Bonus: Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD playground exercise - learn the complete basics ☝️

What will you learn after the course?

The course will provide you with helpful & practical information that will bost your UI skills


Mobile App Design

You will know how to design a functional Mobile App with a variety of screens - including a full login, registration flow, map view, modals, lists and many more.


Picking the right fonts & colors

You will be able to pick the right fonts and colors for your project. You will know the basics of typography and color psychology to pick the ones that are fully accessible.


Problem Solving

You will acknowledge the most common problems in mobile app design. You will know how to spot them and solve them easily to boost the usability of your project.


Blockframing & aligning

You will know to make a blockframe for your project. You will also learn the super usable Red Square Method that will help you align the content perfectly.


My workflow

I will share with you my personal design workflow, including all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the course of my 20 years of Product Design experience.

+ You will get an exclusive code for all the participants: -35% off of our Designing UI book!

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